Everytime you step onto the basketball floor you are auditioning.  Depending upon your academics progress, big time major schools have their eyes on you.  The university of North Carolina, Duke University, the university of Kansas, of course the university of Florida, and lately we’ve heard  coach  Kevin Ollie  from the university of Connecticut inquiring about you.

These academic institutions, as you are very well aware of, they search, follow and recruit players for their programs, with the utmost talent level for the game of basketball player with the required academics standards, but much more importantley, they lean more towards young men with high character, and moral values in abundance.

The game reached the winding minutes for its conclusion yesterday afternoon, Dominican Republic was down 2 points and you wanted the ball, understanbly, that’s what the great ones do, your teammate Jonathan Araujo had the ball at the top of the key, you faked in and popped back out, your defender played an excepcional passing angle which required an excepcional pass for it to be a success, from an extraordinary player, a pass that only you could make, and pass your teammate Jonathan Araujo couldn’t make.

The defender intersected the pass and Greece gained posession of the ball, you sprinted hard behind the Greek player and committed a frustration personal foul.  Your teammate Jonathan Araujo proceeded to offer you the concialiatory slap of hands, the one which implicitly says:

“my bad, couldn’t make the play, I’ll do better next time.”

andres 1

You rejected his humanly apologetic gesture, and the entire world saw it, it didn’t look right, it didn’t feel right.  The eyes of the basketball population saw in you the type of attitude that pushes people away from the you, the wrong kind of people and the good kind of people as well, but more importantly you rejected the congenial gesture of one of  your teammates, the ones in the trenches with you, the ones in the line of fire for you, that should never happens.

Frustration can get the best out of anyone, including the great ones like yourself, it’s a human quality, even though is a bad quality, it’s intrinsically built into our fabrics, but you have to understand, Koby Bryant and Jeromy Lin conform the same roster with Los Angeles Lakers, Koby does not expect Jeromy Lin to make the same plays he makes, the talent level is much different, the great one see plays the rest of regular players don’t see.

You expected your teammate Jonathan Araujo to make a difficult pass with a compromised passing angle that only you could’ve made it, it frustrated you because you saw it as a simple plays, the great ones like yourself see the game at a much higher level that the rest , and that’s what makes players like youself, great ones as oppose to just simple good ones.

We made this comment yesterday on our twitter account, pointing out the difference, as it relates to talent levels between a players whom is a good one and a a player whom is great one, a follower made a sarcastical reply comment in reference to it and we blocked him, we blocked him because a basketball fan who fails to understand such simple concept, distinctively shows he hasn’t ever touch a basketball and literally is a waste of time to engage in a twitter exchange with him.

A message for Andres…From The Heart.!!!

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